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Our Contract


Once you have chosen one of our Villas, I will send you an e-mail with the contract. This contract will look like this:



This agreement is hereby made between Juan M. García hereafter known as LANDLORD, and Xxxxx Xxxx hereafter known as TENANT. TENANT shall rent the LANDLORD’S premises at Solimar Villas, Unit #__, ________ street, Luquillo, Puerto Rico from Xxxxx x, 2006, to Xxxx xx, 2006.
Total number of people:
For the sum of – due upon arrival (certified check, cash or money order only) $   XXX.XX
Plus Damage Deposit (refundable 7 days after departure)This deposit should be sent
together with the signed contract in order to book the Villa.  XXX.XX
Total                                 $   XXX.XX
Less: damage deposit reimbursement(see contract for conditions)     XXX.XX
Total cost                  $   XXX.XX

CANCELLATION: We charge $150.00 for cancelled reservations.

LANDLORD AGREES TO: Provide all utilities, kitchen equipment, linens and towels.

1. Conserve water and electric, leave the premises in the same order as found.
2. To return keys to OWNER/AGENT on departure.
3. Not to exceed the maximum people for sleeping accommodations provided.
4. Tenants agree not to use the demised premises or permit the same to be used for illegal, immoral or improper purposes and agree not to make or permit to be made, any disturbances, noise, or annoyance whatsoever detrimental to the premises, or the comfort land peace of the inhabitants in the vicinity of the premises. House Parties are not allowed under any circumstances. If Tenants are found in violation, occupancy will be terminated immediately with no refund.
5. Tenants agree they are coming in with no pets and none shall be allowed to enter or occupy the premises. Any pets brought on to the property b y the Tenants will be considered a breach of this contract and tenants agree to immediately vacate the premises. The Tenant agrees to be responsible for all damages caused by pets and agree to forfeit their security deposit in the event that an unapproved pet is found on the premises.
6. Tenants agree that smoking is Not allowed on said premises. If smoke is detected in the premises the Tenants will forfeit 100% of their security deposit.
7. Tenants agree to pay the parking fee ($25 per car) to the guard, upon arrival.

The damage deposit will not be returned until the premises have been inspected following the TENANT’S departure. If more than the agreed upon number of people are found to occupy the premises, or excessive clean up is required additional charges will be levied against the TENANT and deducted from the Damage Deposit. Such determination will be made at the discretion of the OWNER/AGENT. The Damage Deposit, plus reasonable costs of collection including attorney fees, if necessary to collect the same. Guests of the TENANT will be the responsibility of the TENANT.

By signature below, the Tenants covenant that the Landlord shall not be held liable for any damage or injury to the tenants, his agents, family or guests or to any other persons entering the premises, (whether or not prior written approval has been obtained by the Landlord). The premises is defined as the whole of the residence, surrounding land, or any equipment, appliances, community areas therein, and Tenant further agrees to and does hereby indemnify the Landlord against such liability. And Tenant further agrees to indemnify and hold Landlord harmless from all claim of every kind in nature rising out of injuries to any persons or property occurring during the time in which Tenants are occupying the premises. Tenant
hereby releases Landlord from any liability from any claims that may arise in favor of the Tenant, Tenant's family or Tenant's guests during the term of occupancy. These terms, conditions, covenants and provisions in this agreement shall be governed by the laws and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. All Tenants and Landlord must date and print their name clearly, and sign as an indication that they have read and agree to the terms of this rental agreement.

I am over 23 years old. I have read this agreement and I agree with all of its terms and conditions.

TENANT’S name, age, and address (please print):
____________________________ Age ________

Family Members and Guests (please list names and ages):
__________________ __________________ __________________
__________________ __________________ __________________
__________________ __________________ __________________
__________________ __________________ __________________
Please, conserve electricity during your visit. Do not leave the doors open with the air conditioner running. Do not leave the condo with the air conditioner running. Thanks in advance for your conservation efforts.
Signed: Date:
TENANT ____________________
(Please also initial pg. 1) _______________
LANDLORD ________________
(Please also initial pg. 1) _______________

Please fax this completed page to 787-753-7050. Of course you can scan it to me at
jmgarciacpa@yahoo.com or mail it to Juan M. García, 500 M. Rivera Avenue, Suite 407 El Centro 2, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00918. If you have any questions please contact me at 787- 731-4052(home) or 787-630-7050(cell) or 787-753-7020(work). Best communications is to e-mail me at jmgarciacpa@yahoo.com


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